Nicky Orr

Content and Social Media

This is my story. I've worked in marketing and PR since 1985. Now I work with creative people who are committed to sustainabilty, developing trade, projects and events to bring communities together. I specialise in online communications.

That all started in the 1990s when I headed up a project to promote a brand new telecommunications service called the internet.

A little later, I was editor for a global cycling website, and my design brand Frugal Cool continues to promote sustainability through creative collaborations, mostly online.

100% of our marketing is delivered via social media.

I work online every day, selling a brand and its products by creating a loyal community as well as developing new markets.

I can now offer you a few tips on how to create your Facebook and Twitter profiles, how talk to your audience and build a loyal following.

Whether you need to publicise a one-off project or you're seeking sustainability, finding a natural voice to communicate your ideas online will be our first crucial step.

To find out more, please get in touch. Either via any of my social media or email me at
nickyorr {at}

More details soon. Meantime .. Thank you!

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Photograph: Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harpers Bazaar 1950. This is how I am in my imagination.